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Banner ads rotate on all available pages of the website.

Advertising Rates

$50.00 per CPM (cost per thousand)
$40.00 per CPM for 5,000 impressions = $200.00
$35.00 per CPM for 10,000 impressions = $350.00
$30.00 per CPM for 20,000 impressions = $600.00
$20.00 per CPM for 50,000 impressions = $1000.00
$15.00 per CPM for 100,000 impressions = $1500.00

Banner Specifications

Banner ads will be supplied by the advertiser with a URL for its location, but a gif
or jpg file may be sent as well if the URL is not available. Ad size is 468 pixels wide
x 60 pixels tall, maximum file size of 12k. Please email all the advertising materials
to When sending images, please be sure to
include the complete URL of the accompanying link

Banner Statistics/Tracking Tools

All Advertisers will receive 24/7 on-line access for statistics on your banner ads,
including how many times the ad(s) have been shown, how many times the ad
was clicked, etc. You may have multiple banners with individual statistics for each
banner to evaluate effectiveness

Purchasing Ads

To purchase ads on the Greatteacher/ website, please fill out the
form below. Payment can be accepted by check for US funds, made out to Payment must be received before an ad appears on line.

Contact Information

If you have further advertising questions an want to contact us or you are ready to
advertise with us feel free to contact

Telephone561-998-9501 or Toll Free at 888-820-8073